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E-Politikon invites paper submissions for its special issue “Global problems, international solutions and regional cooperation: multidisciplinary perspectives on migration crises”. It will be published in late autumn 2019. E-Politikon is a fully online, open-access and double blind peer-reviewed Polish journal based at the University of Warsaw in Poland ( that publishes papers on public policy topics that are of interest to Polish, Central and Eastern European readers.

This special issue takes a broader view and focuses on greater regional and global migration challenges and related policy dilemmas. It will be published exclusively in English to make its content readily available to international audiences. Authors from all regions of the world are invited to submit manuscripts.

In December 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco, the UN Intergovernmental Conference adopted the new Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. Also in December the UN General Assembly affirmed a still non-legally binding Global Compact on Refugees to support the rights of over 68.5 million people worldwide, who have been forced to flee, including more than 25.4 million people who have crossed borders to become refugees. Furthermore, plans are set for the UN to create the United Nations Migration Network to serve as the successor to the Global Migration Group and to be managed by the International Organization for Migration. Together with the incorporation of the migration‐related phenomena in the Sustainable Development Goals and the continuation of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, a scholarly debate on the future of the management of various international migration flows is timely.

Some of the international responses to immigration were born out of the intense human outflows from the Mediterranean region in 2015 and 2016. Others were stimulated by the growing international migration issues in Latin America, of which Venezuela is the current example. It has become evident that migration crises occurring in various parts of the world exceed the helping capacity of the neighbouring countries, requiring not only regional but also global cooperation. The scope of the legal steps and coordination has become more global than ever before. A great many observers will be assessing the extent to which the promise of these initiatives will be realized, and whether the international community’s current enthusiasm will lead to improved processes and outcomes for the migrant populations. This includes responses to emergency situations of which there will likely be no shortage.

The submitted manuscripts should address current processes, issues and solutions in one of the themes below:

  • International and Regional Migration Governance;
  • International Management of Migration Flows: A Continuing Need For Effective Integration?;
  • Role of Regional Consultative Processes in the Lead up to Negotiations on Global Solutions to Migration;
  • Migration-Development Nexus in Regional and Global Perspective;
  • Comparative Studies of National Public Attitudes and Forms of Civic Mobilization Concerning Asylum Seekers and Refugees;
  • Peace and Security Issues in Managing International Migration Flows;
  • Forced Migrations as Regional and Global Issues: Legal Frameworks, Actors and Experiences;
  • Protection of Human Rights as a Global Challenge;
  • NGOs and the Migration and/ or Refugee Policy;
  • Migrant Cases before International Courts and Tribunals;
  • Novel Methodological Approaches to Evaluating Effectiveness of National Migration Policies.

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Submission deadline for manuscript: 15 September 2019

Notification of acceptance/ rejection: 30 September 2019

Anticipated publication date: November 2019

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