Centre for Political Analysis of the University of Warsaw (OAP UW – Ośrodek Analiz Politologicznych UW) is an independent organization formed with the mission of propagating better understanding of important social, economic and political issues. OAP aims at ideological neutrality, objectivity and maintenance of the highest academic standards in its activities. Its studies are conducted with the aim of serving the common good, not to favor any political options.

OAP materials and analyses are prepared by professionals in the field from university centers of political science in Poland and abroad.

The chief goals of OAP UW are as follows:

Identification of current political issues on the Polish, European and international political scene;

  • Presentation of proposals of settling political issues;
  • Furtherance of the exchange of ideas and information between the key actors in the political process.

In order to achieve these goals OAP UW conducts:

middle- and long-term national and international research projects, the results of which are made public;

  • organizes conferences, presentations, seminars, topical meetings;
  • educates through training and other courses it organizes for pupils, students, young political leaders, administrative staff.

In addition, OAP UW prepares reports, expert opinions and analyses as well as providing advisory services in selected areas relevant to the workings of politics, commissioned by private institutions and organizations at home and abroad.

OAP UW experts comprise a group of researchers and political analysts, professors of unquestionable reputation as well as self-motivated young scientists with complementing experience and qualifications. Among them are experts working with the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Warsaw and other Polish academic centers of political science.

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